Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zaatar w Zeit and the Missing Z

After all the buzz about the Zaatar w Zeit 'Missing Z' campaign, I just want to share my thoughts and not criticize it since it didn't finish yet, even though I noticed some obvious mistakes.

Anyway, I just want to show my respect for what Zaatar w Zeit are trying to do.
It could've been a normal marketing campaign like any other campaign any restaurant will probably do.
But they preferred taking it to the next level, giving a full focus to the online social media especially by selecting the most influential bloggers in Lebanon and trusting in what they can do.
Maybe some bloggers went on TV, or written about in a magazine, but this is the first time in Lebanon, a marketing campaign is totally depending on bloggers, which we can't but respect.

Anyway, in a few hours, some things will be revealed and hope the Zs will be found and it will be a happy ending!
You can check how the Zs were stolen here (I loved this video!)


  1. Can't wait to see what will happen?!?!

  2. hehehe yeah! it's getting interesting :)