Monday, May 30, 2011

KSA's FC Barcelona

Last week, my good old friend Elie (@AccidentalTweep) was in KSA and he was so happy telling me that he bought me an FC Barcelona iPhone cover, or at least he thought he did.
Below is a photo of the cover:

Did you notice anything weird?
If you didn't, check the 'original' logo of FC Barcelona:

Maybe that's for another team or something! ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

World Heritage Day in Lebanon

If you didn't know, The 18th of April is the World Heritage Day, or the international day of monuments and sites.This was designated by UNESCO in 1982 in response to a proposal by ICOMOS (International Council Of Monuments and Sites).
Each year, a theme is selected to help focus the celebration and promotion of cultural heritage across the world.
This year's theme is The cultural heritage of water.

As for Lebanon, the Ministry of Culture, in association with the "International Council of Museums", the "National Heritage Foundation" and the "APSAD" association will be celebrating this day by the opening of all museums in various Lebanese regions for free to the public for four days (Thursday 18th till Monday 22nd of May).
As for the archeological sites and Nature reserves, free access will be granted starting from the 19th until the 22nd of May.

The Archeological sites includes:
  • The archeological valley of Nahr El Kalb.
  • Beiteddine Mansion
  • Municipality of Beirut
  • Cathedral of St. George's Roman Catholic
  • Church of St. George Maronite
  • Al Omari Al Kabir Mosque
  • Prince Assaf Mosque - Downtown Beirut,
  • Castles of Majdal Anjar, Anjar, Baalbek, Niha, Sidon, Tripoli, Tyre and Byblos, in addition to the sites of excavations in central Beirut.

The Nature reserves includes: (by the way this is the first time that Nature reserves participates in this event)
  • Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve
  • Ammik - Bekaa
  • Horch Ehden
  • Tyre
  • Palm Trees island (Jazeerat Al nakhel) - Tripoli
  • Bentael
  • Tannourine Cedar Nature Reserve
I would've loved to see Jeita in the above list as part of the New 7 wonders campaign (if you didn't vote yet, hurry up!).
Anyway, benefit from this to plan a special weekend to visit some of the places that you have never seen in Lebanon. :)
( Source: Lebanon Files )

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Z Mystery Revealed!

The mystery is finally revealed!
The Z Liberation Cell are no thieves!
They were just calling for a change!
And Zaatar w Zeit's heroic reaction made it all happen:
  • The re-branding is on.
  • A new logo is released.
  • And a whole new concept with a whole unique experience to be introduced.
To have a brief real/unreal idea of what happened, check the following comic strips:
  1. The ZwZ Mystery Revealer Part I.
  2. The ZwZ Mystery Revealer Part II.
  3. The ZwZ Mystery Revealer The happy ending.
Most of the photos in these comic strips were uploaded by ZwZ fans on a Facebook page called Missing Z Domination and I can easily say that these guys are CREATIVE! check the rest of the photos on the same page.
You can check Zaatar w Zeit's official revealing video here (Loved it).
You will be noticing the changes soon, and of course it will begin from where it all started:
The Zaatar w Zeit's first branch in Sodeco :)

Taken from Plus961

Monday, May 9, 2011

Today's 16 Google doodles

Today is the 76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves, and this time Google decided to manipulate between 16 doodles each time you refresh the page.

So basically Google decided to create 16 doodles for Mr. Hargreaves and didn’t custom any doodle on Easter day.

A big thanks to Marie (@MarieNakhle) who got me all the doodles : )

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Missing Z Domination Competition

After meeting 'Z liberation cell' (who stole the famous Zs from Zaatar w Zeit signs all around Lebanon) last Friday night, many important information concerning this whole mystery were revealed.
In fact, we are convinced that the Zs had to be removed!

So basically we decided to team up with 'Z liberation cell' to make a big buzz and make the Zs missed from everywhere!


You'll find out in around 10 days!

How you will be helping us?

The competition is composed of 3 easy and very quick steps:

  1. Like the Missing Z Domination page on Facebook.
  2. Upload a funny/weird picture or photo of a missing Z.
  3. Make your friends like it.
Don't forget to like the Zaatar w Zeit page.


Upload the funniest/weirdest photo and get the most likes and the following prize is yours!
The prize is a Zaatar W Zeit new loyalty card filled with points worth of 600$ spending at Zaatar w Zeit!
You heard me! Filled with points obtained by a 600$ spending at Zaatar w Zeit!
This card can be used in any of Zaatar w Zeit branches for Dine-in and Take-away.
So hurry up! unleash your creativity and help us with the Missing Z Domination!
And the winner will be announced in around 10 days!

P.S.: You can't win if you got likes on a lame photo! BE CREATIVE!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zaatar w Zeit and the Missing Z

After all the buzz about the Zaatar w Zeit 'Missing Z' campaign, I just want to share my thoughts and not criticize it since it didn't finish yet, even though I noticed some obvious mistakes.

Anyway, I just want to show my respect for what Zaatar w Zeit are trying to do.
It could've been a normal marketing campaign like any other campaign any restaurant will probably do.
But they preferred taking it to the next level, giving a full focus to the online social media especially by selecting the most influential bloggers in Lebanon and trusting in what they can do.
Maybe some bloggers went on TV, or written about in a magazine, but this is the first time in Lebanon, a marketing campaign is totally depending on bloggers, which we can't but respect.

Anyway, in a few hours, some things will be revealed and hope the Zs will be found and it will be a happy ending!
You can check how the Zs were stolen here (I loved this video!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

John Paul II and the wazawiz

May 1st is the day of the Beatification of the pope John Paul II.
And the month of May, in Lebanon, is consecrated to Saint Mary, our Lady of Lebanon.
5 mysteries of the Rosary were held yesterday night from the 5 places the pope loved around the world:
  1. Krakow, Poland
  2. Bugando, Tanzania
  3. Harissa, Lebanon
  4. Mexico city
  5. The Shrine of Fatima
I had the honor to participate in the prayers for John Paul II yesterday around 11h15 pm in Harissa.
Concerning the Lebanese traditions, I remembered why I stopped going to Harissa on the first of May.

What was ironic yesterday, is that the church wasn't full when we were sharing live prayers for John Paul II, but you can find hundreds and hundreds outside, and thousands in Ghosta (a town near Harissa full of restaurants), dabke on the road, scooters, "modest" couples, cursing, smoking... On the other hand, you can find Sri-Lankans carrying flowers and heading to Harissa to pray!
I was so pissed to see that yesterday!
Guys, if you want to go to Harissa with your friends, the question should be:
"Badkon notla3 NSALLEH bi Harissa?" and not "Ta3o notla3 NWOZZA bi Harissa"