Sunday, May 8, 2011

Missing Z Domination Competition

After meeting 'Z liberation cell' (who stole the famous Zs from Zaatar w Zeit signs all around Lebanon) last Friday night, many important information concerning this whole mystery were revealed.
In fact, we are convinced that the Zs had to be removed!

So basically we decided to team up with 'Z liberation cell' to make a big buzz and make the Zs missed from everywhere!


You'll find out in around 10 days!

How you will be helping us?

The competition is composed of 3 easy and very quick steps:

  1. Like the Missing Z Domination page on Facebook.
  2. Upload a funny/weird picture or photo of a missing Z.
  3. Make your friends like it.
Don't forget to like the Zaatar w Zeit page.


Upload the funniest/weirdest photo and get the most likes and the following prize is yours!
The prize is a Zaatar W Zeit new loyalty card filled with points worth of 600$ spending at Zaatar w Zeit!
You heard me! Filled with points obtained by a 600$ spending at Zaatar w Zeit!
This card can be used in any of Zaatar w Zeit branches for Dine-in and Take-away.
So hurry up! unleash your creativity and help us with the Missing Z Domination!
And the winner will be announced in around 10 days!

P.S.: You can't win if you got likes on a lame photo! BE CREATIVE!


  1. So it's turning into yet another like competition? :S These competitions are becoming so lame!

  2. Rami thank you for your comment.
    In fact, It is about a good prize for some creativity concerning the Missing Z buzz.
    I was thinking about updating the rules so no lame photos can win and I got your comment.
    Thanks again for pointing that out.
    Post updated :)

  3. oh I thought it's ZwZ who's running this competition! I thought it would be lame of them to do all of this "Missing Z" campaign and then end it with just a like competition
    I didn't mean to bash your work :P