Sunday, May 15, 2011

Z Mystery Revealed!

The mystery is finally revealed!
The Z Liberation Cell are no thieves!
They were just calling for a change!
And Zaatar w Zeit's heroic reaction made it all happen:
  • The re-branding is on.
  • A new logo is released.
  • And a whole new concept with a whole unique experience to be introduced.
To have a brief real/unreal idea of what happened, check the following comic strips:
  1. The ZwZ Mystery Revealer Part I.
  2. The ZwZ Mystery Revealer Part II.
  3. The ZwZ Mystery Revealer The happy ending.
Most of the photos in these comic strips were uploaded by ZwZ fans on a Facebook page called Missing Z Domination and I can easily say that these guys are CREATIVE! check the rest of the photos on the same page.
You can check Zaatar w Zeit's official revealing video here (Loved it).
You will be noticing the changes soon, and of course it will begin from where it all started:
The Zaatar w Zeit's first branch in Sodeco :)

Taken from Plus961

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