Sunday, May 1, 2011

John Paul II and the wazawiz

May 1st is the day of the Beatification of the pope John Paul II.
And the month of May, in Lebanon, is consecrated to Saint Mary, our Lady of Lebanon.
5 mysteries of the Rosary were held yesterday night from the 5 places the pope loved around the world:
  1. Krakow, Poland
  2. Bugando, Tanzania
  3. Harissa, Lebanon
  4. Mexico city
  5. The Shrine of Fatima
I had the honor to participate in the prayers for John Paul II yesterday around 11h15 pm in Harissa.
Concerning the Lebanese traditions, I remembered why I stopped going to Harissa on the first of May.

What was ironic yesterday, is that the church wasn't full when we were sharing live prayers for John Paul II, but you can find hundreds and hundreds outside, and thousands in Ghosta (a town near Harissa full of restaurants), dabke on the road, scooters, "modest" couples, cursing, smoking... On the other hand, you can find Sri-Lankans carrying flowers and heading to Harissa to pray!
I was so pissed to see that yesterday!
Guys, if you want to go to Harissa with your friends, the question should be:
"Badkon notla3 NSALLEH bi Harissa?" and not "Ta3o notla3 NWOZZA bi Harissa"

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  1. Unfortunately, this is so true.. I was there, and was disgusted with all the sights on the road leading to the basilica, the loud speakers in the cars, arguileh, young people thinking they're in the pub around the corner, or with the gang ta7t l bineyeh..
    I usually avoid Harissa on the eve of May 1st for this reason too, and would have done the same yesterday if it wasn't for the Beatification of now Blessed John Paul II.