Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Moaning: Ziad Rehbani

I was in Mojo – Hamra on Saturday watching “Georges Nehme and the band” (or “Band Jaze’e”).

These guys are amazing, and they master Ziad Rehbani’s songs!

While enjoying “Ya Zaman El Ta’ifiyi”, I realized that someone has to send the following letter to Ziad:

“Dear Mr. Ziad Rehbani,

Where are you?!

Seriously! You can’t just leave us!

We’re desperately waiting for one big classic concert! Just one more…


All your fans”

Like Liliane said, choose any country you want for your next concert, and we’ll be there! But please do!

Check this YouTube video, it might make you feel better.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Moaning: Embassies' rejections

It's been a while since my last post!
The reason is that I work in the IT industry, and I was rudely trying to meet my deadlines.
If you know about IT, you'd know that us and deadlines aren't best friends!

Each time I will have something to moan about, it will be posted on a Monday moaning euuh morning, to start your week happily! :P

This Monday moan is about most of the embassies that enjoy rejecting your application!
So, you apply online, get all the specified documents, and book an appointment.
You go there on time, take some photos, give some fingerprints, pay and leave.
After 10+ working days, they inform you about coming and picking up your result.
You open that envelop to find a big "REJECTED" .

You mentioned something in your application without signing a seperate paper about it.
Instead of calling and informing you about that missing document and giving you a couple of days to get it, they take your money and discard your submission. And to make it worse, you don't get any of your documents back!
They could've informed you about it before rejection and then, you'll only be the victim of your own crime.
All you can do now, is running from mayors to translators to studios to get all the documents again, pay again, and pray more!

I read once that the embassies make millions of dollars per year from applications rejections.... in each country.