Monday, September 9, 2013

Baakline Waterfalls

This last weekend, we decided to go discover Baakline's waterfalls and river.
Baakline is a village in Mount Lebanon, Chouf district, 45 kilometers southeast of Beirut. Altitude: 850, 920 high (Source Wikipedia).

How to get there:
Driving from Beirut, you take the Rafic Al-Hariri International Airport road towards the south. You keep going until you get to Damour. Then you take the Deir Al Qamar / Beiteddine junction. It will be around 20 minutes straight drive until you reach the Baakline junction on your right. Here's where you think that you're almost there, but you're not!
It will take you another 20 minutes drive from there to reach the lowest point of the valley where you forget how long this trip was!
You can find it on the GPS as "Baakline Riviere".

What to expect:
The photos will do the job:

Baakline Falls - Chouf Lebanon Baakline River - Chouf Lebanon     Cooold! Baakline Falls - Chouf Lebanon
And here are some from Instagram :D

Yes this is in Lebanon!

  1. The best time to go there is probably during August and the beginning of September, cause you really HAVE to jump in that water! or else you'll regret it later.
  2. Take your food with you, and you can rent tables, chairs and a grill there.
    It will cost you around 15,000 LBP - 20,000 LBP per person (10 USD - 16 USD), depending on the available spot, and if it is during weekends.
    Update (26/08/2015): It costs 20,000 LBP all week long.
  3. If you want to go on weekends, it is better to go on a Saturday. It is usually crowded on Sundays.
  4. If you don't want to spend the day there, Beiteddine Palace, Kaser Moussa (Moussa Palace), Deir El Qamar and even Barouk Cedars Reserve are nearby.
There are 4 different spots (parks or whatever they're called) there, I recommend 'Paradise' (The one in the photos). Call Sleiman on +961 70 013 532
Update (26/08/2015): For more information and reservation call +961 3 924669 and you can check their new Instagram page here.