Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lebanese Respect

I’ve always noticed how Lebanese act differently when it comes to art… And I hate it!
In the past couple of months, I watched Fairouz, Julia Boutros, and Georges Khabbaz’s play, and I couldn’t but mention this rude behavior.
In Concerts
Julia Boutros, for example, was accompanied by the City of Prague Philharmonic orchestra composed of more than 100 musicians. And I, honestly, attended that event to watch the orchestra performing.
While Julia was singing, people were listening, but when it comes to music, people keep on screaming and shouting in a way that you don’t hear the whole orchestra!
Teib enno common! These are one of the most famous/professional musical groups in the world! It took them a lot of time to prepare each and every piece of music and distribute it carefully, so we don’t listen to them!
Why can’t we listen to them the same way we listen to Julia?
And what annoys me the most is when people start applauding before the end of the song! We seriously have some respect issues! The endings were magnificent btw!
Same thing happened in Fairouz’s concert.
In Theaters
When it comes to a play, as soon as the performance ends, and just before the curtain call, people stand up and start leaving the theater!
And of course, even those sitting in front rows! How rude is that?!
You watched the whole show, and you just can’t wait to see the actors say thank you?!
Is ‘showing some respect’ too much to ask?!
Do you agree or you think I’m exaggerating?


  1. No you are not exaggerating, it is a disgrace how some people act so indifferent towards art, music and if you may I would like to mention church as well. People don't just leave early in theater but in church too and I still can't understand how these last few minutes can affect their schedules!

  2. Thank you for the comments :)
    Rita you are totally right!
    Does it mean God we love you but don't push it?!
    I really don't know, but that annoys me big time as well.