Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monday Moaning: SyriaTel?!

When reaching ineligible areas, you might expect losing your phone's network coverage.
But MTC touch always surprises you with the following text message:

Welcome to Syria. Enjoy roaming with the following 
operators: MTN: Sending SMS 0.5 USD/SMS.
Syriatel: Sending SMS 0.5 USD/SMS.
For assistance, dial             +961 3 800113      
mtc touch wishes you a pleasant stay!

I got three embedded moans today:
  1. My first moan is obvious!
  2. How the hell SyriaTel antennas cover cities along the border more than our local operators?!
  3. If anyone tried calling you, they won't be able to reach you of course.
  4. Why do they send you that welcoming message (Sender: MTC Touch, and not SyriaTel) when your phone changes to SyriaTel's network, but they don't welcome you back when transferring to their network again??!!
I'm pretty sure Alfa has the same issue too.

P.S. You might get this message in some eligible areas too! (For example: Dahr El Baydar)

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