Monday, May 14, 2012

Boycott Tannoura Maxi

Tannoura Maxi تَنّورَة ماكسي

"A priest dreaming of having sex with a young lady in a church?!
Sex scenes on bell sounds?!
Ladies trying to seduce the priest during a mass inside the church?!
During war, the Christian community was busy getting drunk and enjoying harlotry..."

I heard lots of complaints about Tannoura Maxi, but I thought they were exaggerating; it seems they are not.
The director Mr. Joe Bou Eid (Director of the movie) said that they showed the movie script to a couple of priests for approval before production.
But it is also true that they didn’t put every single detail in that script.
So, there is a big difference between a priest dreaming about being with a lady, and dreaming of wild sex with her inside the church!

In his defense, Mr. Bou Eid declared that the movie reflects the true story of his father, who was a deacon (شدياق) when he fell in love with his mother.
But, in the movie, the claimed deacon wears a priest outfit (Which should not happen), and they call him “Father” (أبونا).
For those who don’t know, deacons can get married, but once declared priests, the laws of the church don't accept their marriage anymore.
To break the boringness of his father’s love story, he decided to put all this disrespectful scenes all over the movie.

Something has to change; people should wake up, because this has gone beyond “Freedom”.
Should it always be about war and religion? Should we always abuse every little space of liberty?
If we really want to change the Lebanese cinema producers' mentality, we need to tell them that this is not the only type of movies that sells in Lebanon.
And to do that, we should boycott that movie, and that’s what I’m going to do.
Watch the trailer below carefully and let me know what you think.


  1. Thank you for this note Bach. Idna bi idak.
    What a shame

  2. You know what shame on such blogs!!!
    Am a lebanese 43 years old men who lives in the states it has been 7 years and watched Tannoura Maxi in Washington Film Festival where it won the Best Movie Award.

    The Movie is Magnificent!! Am Christian and am much religious than can you imagine and I found this movie wonderful, and ends up with the most important message: Love wins on death, on war, on your unfinished problems dear brothers!!!!

    The movie has been awarded and all of us Lebanese people here where full of emotions seeing our country winning in International Festivals here in the states where they barely consider our dear country!!

    I usually don't comment on blogs and on net, but after watching the film I felt the need to say the truth about it and to tell that it is a piece of Art! it is a shame how lebanese fight their comrades and don't wish them success!!

    In this movie there is blessings, i say it from a deep religious background and that's just awesome!
    Congratulation for Tannoura Maxi the success and for the Talented young director who was more than amazing answering the question session after the film screening…

    I wish i can meet every member of this film to congratulate him and tell him that he made us proud. Thank you.

  3. Ziad thank you for your BIG comment, I appreciate it.
    1- For me, I usually don't mind any kind of movies, but in our Lebanese case, what annoys me the most is that all the Lebanese directors use these particular points (religion and war)in all their movies to attract viewers. But of course, Religion equals sectarian in Lebanon, and war equals cursing and sex.
    2- It is easy here to mock of the Christian community since no one will go on and break half a city for that...
    Anyways, we supported Nadine Labaki, we choose who to support. I respect your opinion, and I hope you do the same.
    Thank you.