Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fog, snow and Cedrus Libani

Last week, I visited two well-known Cedar reserves. One in the historical Barouk - Chouf that contains the largest natural reserve in Lebanon, and the other in Arz, Bsharre - North Lebanon, also known as 'The Cedars of God' because they were used by Solomon in the construction of the first temple in Jerusalem.
We were lucky to take some photos in fog and snow in Barouk. (I loved the first one below!)

And of course the amazing one drawn on the Lebanese Lira coin:

As for the Arz Cedar reserve, these are some photos.
Check the entourage first:

By the way, the reserve is always closed in winter, but you can ask people there, and they can guide you through a secret path ;)
First thing your eyes lie on is "Heaven's gate".

And this is Rudy Rahme's masterpiece.

And last but not least, the massive Cedar drawn in the Lebanese flag.

Make sure you visit Cedars in winter, and you will definitely know why they call them 'Cedars of God'.


  1. tab next time you go to arz, khidouneh ma3koun :P i understand sunday was a special day :P best next time i wanna gooooo

  2. The least we can do! Khalas next time la 3younik! Aslan we need a better cam :P