Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt be careful!

We may all agree that this is a very important period in the Egyptian history.
Egypt, one of the biggest countries in the Arab world, is finally protesting against dictatorship, and calling for democracy.

What Egyptians know that they don't want Hosni Mubarak and they don't want any other three decades presidents.
At the same time, it is very important to differ between democracy and extremism, and between believing in a good case and following a person blindly.
Democracy Vs Extremism:
Radicalism always shows up as a possible solution when a country is weak.
Extremists and all Egyptians are protesting against Mubarak together, but not for the same reason. And That's where Egyptians should be very careful cause extremism never was a solution and never will be. You can check what was/is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan...

Good case Vs following a person:
Any 'power greedy' politician is protesting with people now, and of course for 'other' reasons.
Always remember, the initial cause is your 'belief in Democracy' and not ousting the president.
It is extremely dangerous to follow a politician blindly.

Keep on surviving, I'm sure he's going down real soon. Hoping for the best.

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