Thursday, February 17, 2011

L'Isba restaurant - Cedars

2 weeks ago, and thanks to my good old friend (@AccidentalTweep) for introducing me to L'Isba restaurant at the Cedars - Bcharre, I went to try it, and it happened to be Valentine (by accident!).
L'Isba (or The Hut) is located under the Cedars reserve in Arz, where you take your right near the Alpines hotel.
(There is a very notable sign)

You will notice a very comfortable and classy interior design.

And you can also get a special table design (in case of Valentine of course :P)

They have an agreeable 'Fondue' formula.
First, a fresh and a very tasty traditional salad. It felt like the vegetables were picked minutes ago.
Then the cheese or meat fondue (or even both). I just tasted the meat fondue, since I'm not a blind fan of cheese, and it was pretty good. You also get a plate of baked potato cubes to enjoy while waiting for the meat (or vice-versa :D).

And finally, of course, the mouth watering (better than sex) chocolate fondue!

My advice is to try L'Isba as soon as possible, since you can enjoy the Cedars in the snow, or some skiing at the slopes.
For reservation or more information, contact Wajih on 00961 3571154.

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