Thursday, January 20, 2011

Technology reward for Lebanon

Congratulations for our beloved country Lebanon for receiving one of the most significant reward in the technology industry!
No Japan, No USA, nor any other country: Lebanon got the reward of ‘The most Advanced hi-tech country’.
Finally, we got the reward we deserve and we are the leaders of technology in the world.

Lebanon managed to transform all its population into living ‘ROBOTS’, who can eat, drink, drive, walk, talk and any other physical activities any human being can do.
These robots are amazing, and have many great features:
They have no emotional feelings at all.
They don’t react for any mistreatment: So forget about any protest, any objection on anything happening, no matter how hard their ‘masters’ treat them.
They are programmed to wake up, go to work, go have dinner and then sleep no matter what’s happening in their country.

Lebanese responsible have been working on some hi-tech chips since 1975, and they finally achieved their goals. This week, they tested the robots to make sure no more emotions nor affections. Here are some of the tests:

  • On Monday for example, groups of robots wearing black were sent to the roads with ‘scare other robots’ orders. The robots passed the test, no affections.
  • Yesterday, the gasoline prices have been raised 500 LBP. Also the robots passed the test without making any reaction.

After passing these tests, technology leaders decided to reward the ‘Lebanese officials’ this great prize.
But seems there will be some more tests, but I think there is no need. They succeeded.
For more information and a closer view, check the ‘I, Robot’ movie, it is almost the same, we just need to find our ‘Sonny’.

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