Monday, September 9, 2013

Baakline Waterfalls

This last weekend, we decided to go discover Baakline's waterfalls and river.
Baakline is a village in Mount Lebanon, Chouf district, 45 kilometers southeast of Beirut. Altitude: 850, 920 high (Source Wikipedia).

How to get there:
Driving from Beirut, you take the Rafic Al-Hariri International Airport road towards the south. You keep going until you get to Damour. Then you take the Deir Al Qamar / Beiteddine junction. It will be around 20 minutes straight drive until you reach the Baakline junction on your right. Here's where you think that you're almost there, but you're not!
It will take you another 20 minutes drive from there to reach the lowest point of the valley where you forget how long this trip was!
You can find it on the GPS as "Baakline Riviere".

What to expect:
The photos will do the job:

Baakline Falls - Chouf Lebanon Baakline River - Chouf Lebanon     Cooold! Baakline Falls - Chouf Lebanon
And here are some from Instagram :D

Yes this is in Lebanon!

  1. The best time to go there is probably during August and the beginning of September, cause you really HAVE to jump in that water! or else you'll regret it later.
  2. Take your food with you, and you can rent tables, chairs and a grill there.
    It will cost you around 15,000 LBP - 20,000 LBP per person (10 USD - 16 USD), depending on the available spot, and if it is during weekends.
    Update (26/08/2015): It costs 20,000 LBP all week long.
  3. If you want to go on weekends, it is better to go on a Saturday. It is usually crowded on Sundays.
  4. If you don't want to spend the day there, Beiteddine Palace, Kaser Moussa (Moussa Palace), Deir El Qamar and even Barouk Cedars Reserve are nearby.
There are 4 different spots (parks or whatever they're called) there, I recommend 'Paradise' (The one in the photos). Call Sleiman on +961 70 013 532
Update (26/08/2015): For more information and reservation call +961 3 924669 and you can check their new Instagram page here.


  1. Oh, Beautiful postings and photoshoots! I have been to Baakline a few times but never ever knew these beautiful waterfalls existed , I shall definitely check them out next time. Good Job

  2. Is there another way to contact Paradise? Sleiman no longer works there and we need to reserve for tomorrow

  3. Well I don't know :( Sleiman didn't give u another number?
    Anyways in case you got the contact, it would be awesome if you can share it here so I can update the post.
    My suggestion is, go between July and August so u get to swim ;)

    1. Hello, we would really appreciate it if you would update your post because Sleiman doesn't work at Paradise anymore. They can call on 03924669 or check our page on instagram @paradise_lebanon . And the entance fee is 20,000LL per person all week long if you'd like to change it.
      Thank you!

    2. Post updated. It would be great if you can also share this post on your pages. (Y)

  4. Hi please guys i need the persons number who is reaponsible for reservations other than sleiman cause seems he left the job anw another favor is there any restaurant? Like where waiters are found and serve u food cause i dnt want to do a picnic just for my friend and i so its kind of an akward situation:p btw anw if there is any restaurant plz i need the number and thnx hope uve enjoyd ur trip

  5. of course there is restaurants that serve lunch and dinner with waiter service as well as u can just rent chairs and tables and take your own lunch with you...
    I know just this contact: Shallalt Al Zarka (03-745321)

  6. Hello,
    Can someone send me the contact number of Paradise?
    We are a group of 10 people interested to do a picnic at Baaklin near the river and shalalat?
    Please advice and if you can send some recommendations it would be great.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello, call on this number for any information 03924669 . Or check our instagram page @paradise_lebanon

  7. I went there and i was expecting much more. I thought the water would be bluer and the sun shining on the pond and the waterfalls would be bigger. Instead i found a natural place that was invaded by restaurants. One restaurant was almost touching the waterfall. There are no signs in baakline to show the way to this river so it took us forever to find the right road

  8. I went there and i was expecting much more. I thought the water would be bluer and the sun shining on the pond and the waterfalls would be bigger. Instead i found a natural place that was invaded by restaurants. One restaurant was almost touching the waterfall. There are no signs in baakline to show the way to this river so it took us forever to find the right road

  9. Well yeah I totally agree, that's why I recommend that you go during week days, at least it won't be that crowded. Unfortunately this is Lebanon and its chaos :/

  10. Unrespectful management ! To take photo for 5 mns it will cost u 20 000 too:)


    We went there last week, we were 3 married couples and we had 2 kids with us. As soon as we reached the gate, a non lebanese worker came towards us and he wouldn't allows u inside. We asked his the reason and he said that they're closed. We asked him to allows us to see the space in case we want to come back another time. He said no, just leave. And suddenly he became aggressive and started shouting and cursing.

    We immediately called the number owner, he was very rude and hung up on us. The road is very narrow and it's a dead end. The worker didn't even allow us to u-turn inside and we were forced to reverse the whole way. We were 3 cars and it took us 15min to exit.

    If you're reading this and you're from the area, please report this incident. If this is a private place, then don't advertise it as public and attack customers.

    1. Dears,

      OH GOD!
      I'm so sorry for the incident.
      I'm not related to the place in anyway, i just went there 3 years ago and loved it (back then) and this post was written back in 2013!
      Your story is sad, such a beautiful place ruined by corrupted people :(
      Let's hope they will fix this.

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    3. Hi,the incident above happened to us yesterday, a crazy old man was siiting at the gate we checked the place and as soon as we decided to enter , the crazy old man refused to let us enter; we asked about the reason he said "hek ma 3ajabtoune" we didnt want to ruin our day. We just left. But we wont accept the humiliation that happened....especially in such a touristic place....if it is private u should have informed the ppl and if it is public....its a shame.

    4. Dear Hala,

      It seems they are ruining this place!
      I am not related in any way to this location, I am just another person who went there and enjoyed his time. I'm sorry for your incident! :/

  12. In short : the place is a dump. The owner is rude and Calling him stupid is an insult to stupidity itself.

    In more details: we arrived at paradise (not!) A group of 11 and we were denied entry for no apparent reason. The place is sub standard and at first glance the site looks dangereous and to offer a proof the workers told us at the gate that no Children were allowed because of the topography of the site.

    I will not develop the discussion with the owner who was rude, aggressive and totally unreasonable. We had driven for many hours to get there but this was of no interest to him.

    I strongly suggest that the authorities should look into the organisation of this place before a serious incident takes place.

    In any civilised country "appearance based prejudice" is condemnable by law and I will be seeking such action in the very near future.

    My recommendation. Don't waste your time on Baaklin if you are coming from afar. It's hardly good enough for the locals to spend a few hours.

    Try other places in the Shout or elsewhere

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  14. As we almost arrive to Paradise, we bump into a family of three running up the slope with the clearest signs of frustration on their faces. Asking for directions to Paradise - since we have followed its "professional" signage system, we felt completely lost as to where it is - we were provided with a clear answer for where it was coming from. It's 20 000 LL per person. And the host is the rudest we have encountered.
    As we were 10 people, we tried to negotiate on some kind of discount but we were responded with absolute rudeness and dryness. "Go to the other place he would take 20 000 from all of you if not even less", he said with a demeaning tone. After we asked to at least check the place out before paying, he was kind enough to allow one of us in while the others stay hostage outside and wait for her.
    The access to water was so small, crowded, and although the nature is very picturesque, the place is extremely small, not worth it, the seating area poorly propped - earning around 200 000 per group you would think it would be more decent and better furnished.
    Either ways, his attitude straight out disgusted us away to the access to the river that is exactly before, which was actually way more reasonable, with a nicer environment, bigger space to wander, way more nature welcoming, and with the sweetest and nicest host. We later even saw the customers of Paradise wandering down the river around this place instead of where they payed 20 000 LL.
    So if you reach to this not-so-Paradise and you are as disappointed as me, go to the place right before and it will be the best consolation, and you'll have a memorable day.
    Note: The place I am talking about has a 10 000 LL entrance fee but you can bargain.

  15. The place looks soo cool but after reading all these comments and reviews my perspective of the place is changing... is it really as bad as people are describing it or is it just a backlash of the bad service they encountered?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Well it's been a while, and all previous comments are from 2016. This summer, my friends were there and they enjoyed it much! so maybe it's been revamped :D Let us know, if you get the chance to go.

  16. Can we do a barbecue there without having to rent chairs, table and grill? And are we suppose to pay an entrance to get to the river? Thank you

  17. Hello, I need help. In your blog, you mentioned that there are 4 other places other than paradise. Could you please name the other places? (Paradise has changed, it is no longer how it was... Now its a resort and you pay like a sh*t-load of money to enter. Its been like an hour researching other places like paradise but cheaper and where we could bring our stuff as in food without paying much. Much appreciated of your help
    Thank you!