Thursday, April 28, 2011

Save Beirut Heritage - Call for action

"I got this email, and I thought it is worth sharing."

Save Beirut Heritage is calling for a sit in on Sunday May 1st at 12 noon at the previous location of Cinema Vendome, Mar Mikhael Street.
This is a Report of an abomination that happened in the recent days. For Arabic, read this:

HAR properties managed to obtain a permit of demolition for 3 significant heritage buildings in Mar Mikhayel near the previous cinema Vendome Cinema in order to make space for a 30 story tower called AYA tower (Plot Beirut 663).

The only compromise was to keep the facades; this is unacceptable.

Furthermore, these permits were obtained through political coercion and gross abuse of power by the owners of the plots; namely Mr. Fahed Rafic Hariri, Mr. Michel Pharaon, Mr. Antoine Samaha and Mr. Fouad Zeidan.

You will find attached photos of the recently demolished buildings, feel free to use them in your respective publications. "The photos in this post"

The buildings demolished had been previously classified as architecturally significant by a committee designated by the Ministry of Culture. This same committee resigned once Minister Salim Wardeh succumbed to political pressure and overturned their decision to preserve the buildings. He granted demolition permits.

In the same breath, three more significant buildings were granted permits and are in imminent danger:

1 - A gorgeous building that is owned by Mr. Michel Pharaon in Achrafieh will be demolished so that he could build parking space and raise it by 3 stories.

2 - Sodeco Plot 5, owner by Mr. Michel Pharaon and Mr. Samaha: A beautiful traditional house.

3 - Abdallah Al Yafi's Villa that will be demolished to be 'reconstructed' as part of a 30 floor tower.

Save Beirut Heritage is calling for a sit in on Sunday May 1st at 12 noon at the previous location of Cinema Vendome, Mar Mikhael Street. We as the Green Party of Lebanon Highly encourage the participation in this sit in.

"This is their website: Green party of Lebanon"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The rumors seem true. SKYBAR is moving to BIEL's first parking on the left.
They took over a huge space in that parking, and it seems it is going to be a massive building!

So now you think: Cool! SKYBAR surrounded by a huge parking! so we can park wherever we want without giving our cars to the valet parking guys!
Well, think twice, I'm sure they'll find their way to wreck your car and make you pay for it ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Traffic Hell towards BIEL

The next forum is the yearly International forum of recruitment ‘FORWARD’. And this year, they are introducing for the first time, the Business forum: the business Opportunities, Services & supplies Fair which will be held alongside FORWARD.

Where: BIEL - Beirut

When: from Wednesday the 27th till Saturday the 30th of April 2011 starting 4pm until 10pm.

In case you are searching for a job, or willing for a change, check both Forward or Business forums websites for more details. The list of exhibitors is still ‘Coming soon’.

And in case you are not interested, save the date, and try to avoid the Beirut seaside, because it will be a hell of a traffic, since BIELs architects decided to design one tiny entrance for the whole Marina which, by coincidence, contains parking lots for more than 10,000 cars usually used by Downtown employees and sponsors the biggest events in Lebanon!

I personally never benefited from this forum except for some hats and mugs.