Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The rumors seem true. SKYBAR is moving to BIEL's first parking on the left.
They took over a huge space in that parking, and it seems it is going to be a massive building!

So now you think: Cool! SKYBAR surrounded by a huge parking! so we can park wherever we want without giving our cars to the valet parking guys!
Well, think twice, I'm sure they'll find their way to wreck your car and make you pay for it ;)


  1. yeah they will reserve all the parking! and then make you give it to the valet, or park in downtown and come walking :P yeah right, sabaya el skybar wil 20" heels lol

  2. I don't believe they are 'moving' SKYBAR. They are opening another location called 'The One'

  3. Liliane: Or maybe the guys drive the girls to SKYBAR, then go park in Down Town and walk the 1,000 miles alone :P
    Goddess: I heard about something like that. But for now, all the rumors around are talking about the SKYBAR move! we'll stay tuned :D
    Thank you both :)